One-bedroom apartment, 57 Preslav str.

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One-bedroom apartment, 57 Preslav str.


Property type:
1 bedroom apartment
Living space:
95 m2
Floor count:
State of construction:
In construction
From investor/developer


Location and status of the building
Residential building "Paris" was the former Grand Hotel "Paris", located on the corner of 57, Preslav Street and 1, Panagyurishte Street. The building is included in the list of architectural and construction real estate with cultural value, according to Order № RDO9-221 / 13.04.2017. of the Minister of Culture.

Historical background

The building was constructed in 1906 by Riza Efendi Halilov, from Belogradets (Bulgaria), at that time, mayor of the town of Varna. The architect of the building was arch. G. Gerov. The building was originally designed as a luxury hotel for its time in the city center, on 2 floors plus an attic. The exterior architecture of the building is made according to the modern trends in architecture at the time. The mixture of western secession and other oriental motifs and traditions in the construction, creates a significant eclectic architectural style. The building became a center place for a large part of the intellectual elite of the city. In 1910, an  incident caused a fire in the attic and the whole floor was burned, as well as parts of the second. The restoration of the building was assigned to the iconic for the city arch. Dabko Dabkov. The drawings for the upgrading of the building are preserved in the archives of the Municipality of Varna. The project was approved on December 21, 1910. The project includes renovation of the second floor and construction of a third. Arch. Dabko Dabkov also made changes in the facade decoration.
In the past, The Grand Hotel Paris was one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. On the ground floor  was the Hotel lobby and Dairy "Paris" owned by Mr. Karaatanasov, as well as a covered bazaar owned by Mr. Todor Gerchev. Alliance Française was established there, and in the 1930s Dimitar Marinov's most renowned Confectionery Paris was opened here.
Urban planning solution
The project envisages connected construction of a residential building, designed on six above-ground floors. The car access to the garage of the building is from the Panagyurishte Street (western facade), by means of a ramp.
The project preserves the overall exterior architectural appearance of the existing building, by replacing, reconstructing and restoring all architectural decorative elements, similar to the preserved ones.
More about the restoration and reconstruction of the Paris building, you can see here. 

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