Apartment Complex-Balchik-Dobrich

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Apartment Complex-Balchik-Dobrich

from 52659 to 143780

Property type:
Apartment complex
Living space:
from 59 m2 to 106 m2
Floor count:
New build:
Price per m2:
from 900 € to 1300 €
Sea position:
First line
State of construction:
From investor/developer

The development consists of two residential buildings having a ground level and four residential floors each. The living area is distributed into 43 apartments facing park and/or sea. Both include underground garages and retail space at street level - SPA and bistro.  The construction is solid concrete and brickwork, without beams The roof is reinforced concrete slab waterproofing and heat insulated, sloped wooden construction, siding, waterproofing  and finished with Greek red rooftiles and seamless gutter The exterior cladding of the building is done with thermal insulation system BAUMIT. The facade is filled with silicone coating. Facade facing - red natural Balchik' stone, „Vrachanski" type of natural stone, granite and dark wooden elements External joinery PVC with color "Golden Oak"  All terraces of the top floor are done with pergolas and transparent coating. Staircases and elevators available from ground to top floor. All common areas such as entrance halls and staircases are covered with granite colored beige-brown.  Southern, south - eastern and north-southern exposures available. Surrounding area - open air and spacious, modern playground available in a safe garden, swimming pool for children and adults, direct access to the seacoast.

 The apartments:
There are two types of apartments available for sale in the residential complex «Balchik Gardens» - one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. One-bedroom apartment consists of an entrance hall, living / dining room with kitchen area, one bedroom, terrace, which can be common for both rooms or accessible from the day area only, sanitary room; Two-bedroom apartment consists of an entrance hall, living room/dining room with kitchenette, two bedrooms, two terraces, one of which is accessed from the living room and the second is common for one or two bedrooms, separate sanitary premises; Bathrooms and toilets are forced exhaust ventilation. Each apartment has a telephone, Internet, TV and intercom connection.  Finishing:  The apartments are offered for sale completely finished and ready for furniture delivery. The investor provides a couple of sample apartments and the option for the buyer to choose between colours available for the final touches of the interior. Payment shames:
Payment for the apartment in "Balchik gardens" takes place under the following payment scheme: 
1. 50% of the purchase price - within a cheme agreed in the Preliminary contract for sale-purchase;

2. 50% of the purchase price - at the completion of the property purchase before a Notary Public;
Please note that all amounts listed on the site include VAT and an invoice showing the amount, reasons and the date of payment will be issued against any payment received.

      Property management:  Each owner of an apartment contributes to the overall maintenance of the atmosphere and the kind of complex, with paying an annual fee under the Contract for service and maintenance. The essence of this contract for management is to ensure that the complex is guarded and will remain comfortable for living while preserving its esthetic appearance. 
The exact fee depends on the size of your property, and the rate at which it is calculated is 12 euros per sq m. incl. VAT.

Additional services for owners

The service team of "Balchik gardens" can care for your peace of mind for the time when when you are away. We know how important it is for you to keep the property in the best form and excellent condition, and also to get the maximum benefit from the investment.  Brief information about additional services we can offer to your attention:  Regular checks on the status and condition of plumbing and electrical wiring in the apartment;  Repair failure of equipment, installations or equipment in the apartment.  Preparation of the plant to meet winter; Storage of keys for the property; Payment of bills for electricity, water, Internet, cable TV, security guard and others.  Apartment cleaning on customer; Insurance and accounting services;  Payment of taxes;
Please note that the maintenance of the complex does not cover any repairs in apartments, renovation of facilities, taxes and other costs associated with ownership of property, etc. According to Bulgarian legislation, such costs are the responsibility of owners of apartments.

Number Type Living Area (m²) View Floor Price (€) Status Floorplan
1 1 bedroom apartment 65.12 N/E 1 Ask! Available  
2 1 bedroom apartment 59.91 S/E 1 Ask! Available  
3 1 bedroom apartment 81.08 S 1 Ask! Available  
4 1 bedroom apartment 74.51 S 1 Ask! Available  
5 2 bedroom apartment 113.29 S/N 1 Ask! Available  
6 1 bedroom apartment 64.96 N/E 2 Ask! Available  
7 1 bedroom apartment 59.55 S/E 2 Ask! Available  
8 1 bedroom apartment 80.65 S 2 Ask! Available  
9 1 bedroom apartment 74.38 S 2 Ask! Available  
10 2 bedroom apartment 114.27 S/N 2 Ask! Available  
11 1 bedroom apartment 62.39 N/E 3 Ask! Available  
12 1 bedroom apartment 57.36 S/E 3 Ask! Available  
15 2 bedroom apartment 110.74 S/N 3 Ask! Available  
16 1 bedroom apartment 96.65 N/E 4 Ask! Available  
17 1 bedroom apartment 89 S/E 4 Ask! Available  
18 1 bedroom apartment 60.41 S 4 Ask! Available  
19 2 bedroom apartment 110.74 S/N 4 Ask! Available  
Section 2-D 1 bedroom apartment 54.15 0 Ask! Available  
Section 2-C 1 bedroom apartment 61.53 S/N 0 Ask! Available  
Section 2-A 1 bedroom apartment 107.98 S/N 0 Ask! Available  
Section 2-1 1 bedroom apartment 60.16 S 1 Ask! Available  
Section 2-2 1 bedroom apartment 68.72 S/N 1 Ask! Available  
Section 2-3 1 bedroom apartment 84.02 S 1 Ask! Available  
Section 2-4 1 bedroom apartment 80.04 S 1 Ask! Available  
Section 2-5 2 bedroom apartment 109.15 S/N 1 Ask! Available  
Section 2-6 1 bedroom apartment 59.61 2 Ask! Available  
Section 2-7 1 bedroom apartment 68.78 S/N 2 Ask! Available  
Section 2-8 1 bedroom apartment 84.01 S 2 Ask! Available  
Section 2-9 1 bedroom apartment 80.02 S 2 Ask! Available  
Section 2-10 2 bedroom apartment 109.08 S/N 2 Ask! Available  
Section 2-11 1 bedroom apartment 59.54 3 Ask! Available  
Section 2-12 1 bedroom apartment 68.86 S/N 3 Ask! Available  
Section 2-15 2 bedroom apartment 109.94 S/N 3 Ask! Available  
Section 2-16 1 bedroom apartment 60.16 4 Ask! Available  
Section 2-17 1 bedroom apartment 69.76 S/N 4 Ask! Available  
Section 2-18 1 bedroom apartment 71.26 S 4 Ask! Available  
Section 2-19 1 bedroom apartment 63.5 S 4 Ask! Available  
Section 2-20 2 bedroom apartment 110.83 S/N 4 Ask! Available  


USD - 1.78419
GBP - 2.65973
EUR - 1.95583


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