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15 March

2011 Promises Recovery Of The Real Estate Market In Bulgaria

The good news is that recession is over and there are signs of improvement world-wide. The good news is that it goes the same for the Bulgarian property market. Statistic shows that sales of residential properties in Bulgaria have increased after being almost latent during the past year. It is...

14 March


Despite of being a relatively small country, Bulgaria is amongst the richest in terms of mineral water springs in Europe. Bulgaria has a variety of thermal springs with temperature up to 100˚C. The country has a huge potential as a spa destination but unfortunately not very popular in Europe....

01 March

March 1 st

1 st, March 2011 Radio Bulgaria In Bulgarian folklore traditions the 12 months of the year are given names different from the commonly used ones. In the past people referred to October as grape harvest time or Saint Demetrius month, for example. But there are four months to which human qualities...

01 March

Google greets the World with Bulgaria’s Granny Marta

Google opens today with a greeting message to the World through the traditional Bulgarian Granny Marta red and white tassels, called in Bulgarian “Martenitsa”. Every year Bulgarians meet March 1 decorated with these intertwining threads, which are a kind of lucky charm symbolizing...

18 August

Rise in Russian demand for Bulgarian coastal real estate

About 100 000 Russians have purchased property along the Bulgarian coast. According to Yuri Salovyov, Russian general secretary to the Russian embassy in Varna, this means that more than 300 000 Russians regularly spend their holidays in the country, given that they normally arrive with their...


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